About Russ Davis

Russ mini closeup About Russ DavisRuss began his career in jazz radio by creating a special program called Jazz Flavours in 1978 at WQXI-FM in Atlanta. The Program was a combination of acoustic and electric jazz with modern jazzy vocals. The format later morphed into a softer form that became known as the NAC format which became popular on radio stations all around the world.

The popularity of “Jazz Flavours” allowed Russ to move to New York in 1988 to work as music director and on air presenter for the start up of contemporary jazz station WQCD-FM (CD 101.9). He worked there until 1998 and during those ten years developed and produced a syndicated version of the Jazz Flavours show as well as an interview program titled Conversations.

His work with international jazz programming began in the 1990′s and ended on 1 January 2021 when his work with the U.S. Government’s VOICE of AMERICA came to an end. He has produced jazz programs that have been heard regularly in Japan (Japan FM Network and Bay FM 78 in Tokyo) and England (Two years with London and Manchester based Jazz FM) as well as worldwide on the the U.S. Government service The Voice of America (VOA).

Russ began producing and presenting the two-hour, weekly program Jazz America for VOA on July 4th, 1999. It continues today and is heard worldwide each weekend by an estimated audience of 134 million listeners.

In early 1999 he began  work in satellite radio as a programmer and presenter, creating various channels including the world’s only complete modern jazz channel, XM 72 Beyond Jazz, covering all aspects of jazz from the Fusion era of the 1960′s through all its evolutionary phases up to today.

Then, with the creation of MOJA Radio, it was time to take the wonders of Modern Jazz into the premier arena for the 21st century-the internet! MOJA Radio – Modern Jazz Radio, Jazz In The Present Tense, It’s A Brave, Cool World! The subscription service lasted 10 great years!

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What is MOJA? & The MOJA Radio Story

MOJA is an acronym for MOdern JAzz. MO for Modern, JA for Jazz (pronounced MOE-JAH)…a simple phrase that encompasses so much as the many styles that are Modern Jazz fit under a huge umbrella that covers the entire world. MOJA is the “middle ground” between what’s been called smooth or contemporary jazz and traditional or straight ahead jazz.  It begins with fusion from the 1960’s and 1970’s, when the music became electric and the rhythms changed from straight swing rhythms to reflect the rock and soul revolution happening in music at that time.  Since then there have been many forms of improvised music that have sometimes been hard to define, and that have been ignored by many jazz purists. But not the legions of open-minded music lovers who have often been frustrated in their attempts to keep up with the changes as there has never been a consistent outlet through which they could celebrate their favorites and discover new trends.  MOJA Radio exists to serve that purpose, and beyond fusion the sub-genres that one will hear on the channel include, but are not limited to, improvised music or free jazz, funk, blues & rock-based jazz, jazztronica or techno jazz, new jazz singers, acid jazz, jamband jazz, world jazz, Jazz Hip Hop, Soul Jazz and any number of other styles created by the established and emerging stars of new acoustic and electric jazz. It all comes together on MOJA Radio, the World’s ONLY Modern Jazz Radio Channel.

MOJA Radio is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week COMMERCIAL FREE subscription based service. We have two levels of subscription, monthly and yearly, all starting off with a FREE TRIAL MONTH of service. A consumer may sign up with payment information and if they do not cancel during that free trial month then billing starts automatically. The monthly subscription is $9.99pm, and yearly is $99 annually (that’s like two free months or a savings of  almost 15%).

MOJA Radio was one of those things that just HAD to happen! After the takeover by their competition of XM Satellite Radio, where Russ Davis made his home from 2000-2008 on the famed Modern Jazz Satellite Radio channel XM 72 Beyond Jazz, he just could not give up the dream. Beyond Jazz had a huge listener ship WORLDWIDE which during and after the takeover of XM, flooded Russ with emails fearing the channel’s demise. Demands of “What will we do now? Where will you go next? We will follow you to whatever station or service you go to! Please don’t disappear! You are the only place to hear this music we love,” continued to flood his inbox and became impossible to ignore. He knew that this particularly creative, edgy, eclectic, and somewhat obscure music had no home once Beyond Jazz was gone. The music and the artists that were played on Beyond Jazz needed an outlet, a new home to expose the world to what is happening in MODERN Jazz now, and what influenced this creative amoebic art form into what it has become. Remember…MO for Modern, JA for Jazz… MOJA Radio…It’s A Brave, Cool World!