Beginning in 1999, and ending in on 1 January 2021, I programmed and presented the weekly show JAZZ AMERICA for the U.S. Government service Voice of America. It’s been posted on the MOJA Radio website here on for your free listening on demand each week.

Now I will be posting a variety of programs for your pleasure and here is a rundown on the four latest programs you can here now. First we’ll celebrate the birthday of guitar master JOHN SCOFIELD, born on the day after Christmas a few years ago ;>)…Happy Birthday JOHN! Since we haven’t been able to go to the great jazz festivals in the past year I thought you might enjoy hearing some highlights from the festival the none other than PAT METHENY has called “the greatest in the world!” So get ready for some wonderful performances from the 2018 and 2017 Montreal Jazz Festival. We’ll close out the set with a visit to The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC for live performances at the 2018 NEA JAZZ MASTERS concert. Give a listen now and ENJOY!

Any time you like you can enjoy this 4-hour feature…now or any time right here on the Russ Davis MOJA website at


*VOA may be airing some of my classic JAZZ AMERICA SHOWS  so…

Jazz America may air weekends online at the follow sites:

Global English Stream (

VOA Africa Stream  (

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