THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS with CAROLYN BEDNARSKI is up for listening online right now and this weekend too as she presents "UNIQUE DUETS!"

NewJazz1 273x300 THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS with CAROLYN BEDNARSKI!Listen the first Saturday and Sunday of each month as we present another installment of our monthly feature here on MOJA Radio…THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS with CAROLYN BEDNARSKI! Carolyn & MOJA’s Russ Davis go way back to the 20th century when they both worked at the New York City radio station WQCD-FM, AKA CD 101.9, the much loved and now lamented station that became the most listened to Contemporary Jazz station in the world. When their paths parted they knew somehow they’d work together again and that time is now.

Carolyn has always had a great love of the singers in jazz so it was natural that she be the one to program and present this new feature on MOJA Radio. You’ll hear it Saturday morning at 11 AM-ET/8 AM Pacific, just before Words & Music begins, and again at Midnight ET/9 PM Pacific.  Then listen again on Sunday at 1 PM ET/10 AM Pacific as part of the Sunday Specials.

Also, you can hear each months show on demand by clicking on the banner on the MOJA Radio homepage. Tell your friends to come listen FOR FREE anytime they like! Each month there’s a different theme or feature. Join us for “THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS with CAROLYN BEDNARSKI,” the first Saturday and Sunday of each only on MOJA Radio!

carolyn bednarski 20131 221x300 THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS with CAROLYN BEDNARSKI!

MOJANs Review the Shows!!!

Russ Davis here, and from time to time citizens of MOJA Nation who get out to see and hear MOJA live write me to report.  Anytime you do please send me your review however long or short it might be and I’ll be happy to post in this space. Thanks!

Now, here are a few recent ones from MOJANs Thomas Guerin in Dallas, Ken Nero of Silver Spring, MD, Geoff Baker of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Joe Armel of Mill Valley, California, Bruce Raff our man in Lousiana, another from Bill Lewis, Randy Borst and Scott Macpherson, as well as a couple of mine thrown in for good measure. Read on and enjoy!

Your fellow MOJAN Thomas Guerin, who holds down the fort in Dallas, had the chance to see one of MOJA’s hottest groups and his local heroes, Snarky Puppy, and filed this quick report!

Snarkypuppy MOJANs Review the Shows!!!

MOJAN Thomas Guerin gives us his thoughts on MOJA super-group Snarky Puppy!

“Russ…Just saw our homeboys here tonight and man what a show!  We used to see them in Denton years ago playing small bars and thought back then they had a bright future (thus guess the name of an early album “Bring us the Bright”- they sure have become even more a more refined and powerful band….. I enjoy hearing all of the airplay you’ve been providing on their music and it sure looks like they’re going to continue to branch out in a big way.
Hope you’re doing well Russ…ThanksTG”

(Tom Guerin)

Long time MOJAN Scott Young from Birmingham, Alabama took a little trip to check in on what Jean-Luc Ponty and Jon Anderson (Yes, it’s THAT Jon Anderson from the legendary rock band YES) were up to on stage in support of their brilliant, new release The Anderson Ponty Band. Here’s his report…

Anderson Ponty Band Pic 300x211 MOJANs Review the Shows!!!

MOJAN Scott Young gave himself a little birthday present…a trip to Detroit to see Jean-Luc & Jon!

“Good evening…Its Scott in Birmingham, I wanted to let you know I flew up to Detroit on November 6th (my Birthday) and saw the Anderson Ponty Band. WOW, It was extraordinary musicianship. They were so great together and the Music Hall went wild. The band was great. I hope you are well.”

Scott Young

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Listening Solutions For MOJA Radio!

Listening Solutions for MOJA RADIO!

Russ Davis here and I’m writing to follow up with you, a member of MOJA Nation, to give you all the info I have concerning the many ways to access the features related to listening to MOJA Radio…the main reason you joined in the first place. Please keep this document handy so you can refer to it in the future should need to remind yourself of how to listen to MOJA Radio.

Now, as we all know, nothing (and I mean NOTHING) seems to be easy in cyber-world and the simplest ideas related to online radio never end up being that easy to implement and the reasons are many. There is the incompatibility issue between PC and MAC and the many programs related to each system. Then your personal set up has much to do with whether or not you can access the full spectrum of features related to MOJA Radio listening. One little thing in the chain can totally shut you down and we’ve all experienced that. In this document I’ll try to point out the exact order of things in simple terms. Some of you hot shots have already gone beyond the basics and found ways to listen that even my technical advisers never thought of, so this should all work, does work, and if you still have problems you can always write me at and you know I’ll do what I can to make it happen for you. I feel like we’re all here for the same reason…we love the music and most of all I want you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Now, let’s get to it…read on and you’ll all the latest, up-to-date info on how to hear THE WORLD’S MODERN JAZZ RADIO CHANNEL!

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Russ Wins “2011 Internet Programmer Of The Year” Award!

CLR Waves LOGO2 150x150 Russ Wins 2011 Internet Programmer Of The Year Award!

Russ Davis here, and please pardon me for blowing my own horn, but I wanted to tell you that I won the 2011 award as “Internet Programmer Of The Year” from the Jazz Programmers List/JazzWeek Awards. So if you are listening to MOJA Radio you’re now listening to “The Award-Winning” MOJA Radio! JazzWeek, celebrating its 10th anniversary in August 2011, is the weekly online publication dedicated to jazz and jazz radio programming. Nominees are selected by JazzWeek subscribers, including: jazz radio programmers, jazz record company executives and independent jazz radio record promoters. A million thanks to those who voted for me and I promise to do all I can to continue to deserve this honor.

Russ Davis


“Jazz In The Present Tense!”

Attack Of The Jazzy Jambands…5 Times Each Week on MOJA Radio!

msmw 131x150 Attack Of The Jazzy Jambands...5 Times Each Week on MOJA Radio!

Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood…the ULTIMATE Jazzy Jamband!

There are a few sub-genres or movements that have come along that help define what MOJA (our brand of MOdern JAzz) is really all about and one is the movement I call “The Jazzy Jambands!” Back in the day when rock bands like The Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers Band took their songs on long, improvised journeys and in essence incorporated jazz elements, the stage was set for what became a major part of what we call MOJA…jambands…and especially those who set out primarily to make jazz.  If you’d like to hear some just listen five times each week to the newest feature on MOJA Radio, ATTACK OF THE JAZZY JAMBANDS! You can hear it at NOON East/9 AM West every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, plus twice on Sunday at NOON Eastern/9 AM Pacific and Midnight EAST/9 PM West as part of the Sunday Specials.  Following The Dead & The Allmans came Phish then grunge from Seattle.  At the same time American Acid Jazz artists like Karl Denson & Robert Walter started attracting the same fans. Those fans began to follow Galactic and other new artists from NOLA, Medeski, Martin & Wood, John Scofield and the great artists of the North West like Skerik, and San Francisco-area groove artists like Charlie Hunter & Will Bernard and so many more! It’s jazz mixed with prog rock and punk, funk and groove, heavy metal and alternative rock. The fans of this music don’t need lyrics, they need the groove and you’ll get it all if you join us for ATTACK OF THE JAZZY JAMBANDS five times each week on MOJA Radio!