1. Who Runs MOJA Radio and how do I contact you?
Russ Davis is the programmer/presenter/owner/operator/chief cook/bottle-washer here at MOJA Radio. If you have questions/comments/concerns/spare change/music you want to submit/blogs you’d like to write about your MOJA experience/you name it… contact me.
My email address is russ@mojaradio.com
My snail mail address is…
Russ Davis
MOJA Radio
105 East 16th Street
# 7 South
New York, NY 10003

2. Do I need to subscribe in order to listen?
Yes, although there are some free things for anyone to enjoy including a 1 ½ hour sample of MOJA Radio above the FREE MOJA SAMPLE on the homepage and access to an hour of my latest JAZZ AMERICA show for Voice of America, and videos to watch on MOJAVision, our You Tube site, you still must subscribe to hear the full-time, live radio stream. I would love to give it away for free but to do that and make a living, as well as keep the operation running, I’d have to run advertisements and I believe the world is bombarded with enough ridiculously bad commercials so I will not go that route. It’s MOJA and nothing but the MOJA all the time. None of that “we’ll be right back after this…” because we never go anywhere else in MOJA Nation!

3. What does it cost to subscribe and how do I do that?
You can subscribe for a whole year for a one-time fee of $99 (about 25 cents a day) or by the month for $9.99 a month (about 33 cents a day) and you do that by clicking on JOIN MOJA RADIO. You’ll be taken to the place where registration happens and it’s pretty easy to understand. It’s all taken care of by PayPal. You can register for free for 30 days and If you don’t like MOJA Radio just tell me and we’ll cancel your subscription with no hard feelings.

4. What if I don’t want to set up a PayPal account…can I just use my credit card?
Yes, of course. I only use PayPal as my accounting service (I never took accounting, that’s for accountants, not DJ’s) and you can set up your account with a credit card or, if you have a personal PayPal account you can set it up to debit that account too.

5. If I have a problem with payments what do I do?
You can contact me first at russ@mojaradio.com (please don’t call me unless you just have to because MOJA Radio is based in my home/studio/office and late night calls make my wife crazy and the dog barks!) If you need to call make it 9 AM-5 PM ET M-F please. Also PayPal’s toll-free number is another way to go. Call them at 888.221.1161, give them your name, email address and the date of your debits and they can look up your profile and figure out what’s up.

6. Can I give someone a gift subscription with my same credit card or PayPal info?
Sure you can. You can use the same payment method for as many as you like, you just go through the same registration process via JOIN MOJA RADIO and enter a different email address and name for the account that is different from yours. Otherwise the system might get confused.

7. Will you ever sell or give away my information?
No, No, a thousand times NO! I don’t even personally have your credit card, address info (that’s stored in PayPal) and I only have your name and email, which I only use to communicate directly with citizens of MOJA Nation, who by the way are known as MOJANS.

8. What does MOJA mean and what will I hear if I am a listener?
MOJA is an acronym for MOdern JAzz with our own special twist on it. To me, MOJA starts when jazz became an electric art-form in the 1960’s with the Jazz Fusion era. You’ll hear tons of Fusion and all the phases of jazz that followed including Acid Jazz, Funk, Jamband Jazz, Techno Jazz, Soul-Jazz, Latin Jazz, World-Jazz, Euro-Jazz, what I call The New Jazz Singers who take up where Ella, Billie, Jon Hendricks and others left off, Rock-Jazz, The New Big Band Jazz and any other trends that will develop as time goes on. I want the music to be fun, up, funky, inspiring, moving, evolving, exciting, uplifting! There are lot’s of acoustic moments musically on MOJA Radio but for the most part it’s electric jazz and the music grooves more than swings if you catch my drift! Just listen to the FREE MOJA SAMPLE and you’ll get the idea.

9. Once I’m a subscriber and begin to listen what are my options?
There are three options for listening…two on the website and another that facilitates mobile listening. To hear the stream on the website click on LISTEN TO MOJA and you’ll get our FLASH player with the Artist/Song info displayed and, if available, the album art displayed. You’ll also see some other buttons on the player that give you SONG INFORMATION, another that will take you to the ARTIST’S WEBSITE and a third that will give you the opportunity to BUY the music you’re listening to if it’s available via AMAZON. BTW…MOJA Radio gets a portion of the proceeds from any purchase you make. The second option is probably the best one for listening online and it’s the second in the drop down menu…POP OUT PLAYER which opens up the player in a separate window that will allow you to surf other pages in the MOJA Radio website, or any other site, without shutting off the radio stream. Both of these first two options stream at 128 kbps. The third option is MOJA ON MOBILE DEVICES. That’s pretty self-explanatory but it needs more detail and here it comes…

10. I want to listen on my mobile phone or tablet device. How do I do that?
Moja Radio is compatible with almost all Internet Radio applications. For more information, please visit our Mobile Device page.

11. Not every computer set up is the same…will the MOJA Radio stream work with mine?
If you have a PC in most cases the MOJA Radio player will work automatically with no extra downloads but for MACs you will need to download SILVERLIGHT to make it work. SILVERLIGHT is free and it’s easy to download. You’ll be prompted to do this when you click on it to play the first time.

12. The sound cuts in and out a lot and/or I’m still having problems listening. What do I do?
In the case of dropouts, this probably means that either there’s a lot of net congestion between you & the server (in which case you should try back later), or that your connection bandwidth isn’t high enough. In Windows, on a modem connection, you can check your connection speed by clicking on the modem icon in your system tray (lower right hand part of your screen) while you’re connected. You can try disconnecting & connecting again – or contact your Internet service provider for help. There are occasionally drop outs from both ends but considering all the traffic that’s happening over the ol’ world wide web we get pretty consistent service most of the time. If any other troubles persist contact me (russ@mojaradio.com) and give us as much complete detail on your setup, what error messages you’re getting, etc and we’ll do what we can. If you’re a Windows User there is an old mantra that’s handy to remember…”if it don’t work…reboot!”

13. I used to listen to you on satellite radio in my car. I want to listen in my car again!
First, to listen in your car see FAQ # 10 concerning mobile devices…these can be hooked up to your vehicle’s audio system in certain vehicles and lots of folks tell me it works fine. As for satellite radio…when sirius took over xm they decided that our little modern jazz channel wasn’t “mass appeal” enough for them and asked us to leave, along with hundreds of other of our co-workers. It’s called “down-sizing” folks and one of the great ways for some to make more profit while others struggle. I’m on the short end of that one but I try to look on the positive side…it gave me the impetus to start MOJA Radio and do it the way I feel it should be done 100%! I hope you appreciate that fact and I thank you for your support and understanding and, NO, we will NOT be returning to satellite radio in its present form.