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Four Days @ The 40th FIJM!

Just back from my annual visit to the Montreal Jazz Festival. Here’s the link to my blog sight should you want to read all about it!  

Listen to Russ Davis on JAZZ AMERICA from Voice of America! * NEW SHOW POSTED! Feature…ABDULLAH IBRAHIM-NEA Jazz Master’s new release The Balance!

Since 1999 I have programmed and presented the 2-hour weekly show JAZZ AMERICA for the U.S. Government service Voice of America. It’s been posted on the MOJA Radio website as it is right now on for your free listening on demand each week. As a matter of fact you can check out the newest […]


Yeah, we had us some fun in Montreal this year...come join us this week and you'll be there too!

My dear fellow MOJANs, This was a tough one but I had to tell you sometime. After 10 years of operation I had to shut down MOJA Radio at the end of the year 2018.  There are a number of reasons for this decision and they have all piled up to the point of diminishing […]

The TOP 20 of 2018 from MOJA Radio!

Chick Corea wins TWO MORE GRAMMY'S in 2015!!

CHICK COREA & STEVE GADD take the top spot this year on MOJA Radio!

2019 Grammy Award JAZZ WINNERS!

Cecile McLorin Savlant & Russ (2)

CONGRATS to Cecile McLorin Salvant for her big Grammy win for her album THE WINDOW!