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MOJA’S 2018 GRAMMY NOMINEES…this week on MOJARadio!

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences just announced the nominees for the 61st edition of the Grammy Awards and many of them are some of MOJA’s greatest artists, so we’ll celebrate them and the exciting moment in their careers on “The World’s MOdern JAzz Radio Channel” with special shows featuring their stories and […]

Russ Davis…”My life in Jazz Radio!”

Russ Davis reflects on his 3+ decades in Jazz Radio! I was just thinking about the fact that I began my jazz radio career back in the year 1978! With all the changes in technology and the business in general it strikes me that to simply be actively involved in programming and presenting this area […]

The TOP 25 of 2017 from MOJA Radio!

STEVE KHAN takes the #1 slot for 2017 with BACKLOG!!

STEVE KHAN with his brilliant work BACKLOG, takes the top spot this year on MOJA Radio!

MOJA’s 2018 Grammy Award WINNERS!

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (N.A.R.A.S., AKA The Grammy People) just announced the WINNERS for GRAMMY AWARDS for 2018! Here is a list of  MOJA Artists who received nominations this year for the 60th Grammy Awards in various jazz categories as well as others, many of whom are from the more traditional jazz […]

Check out NEW videos on MOJA Vision

HEY THERE ALL YOU MOJANS!!!! I know you like videos and I’ve just been doing some work with Emmy-winning producer Chris Parker to create 7 new pieces to go with the 9 others that are there on my MOJA Vision YouTube site. Just click on the MOJA Vision link on the lower left panel of […]