MOJA RADIO’s FREE Mobile Apps are HAPPENIN’!!! * & UPDATED (17 June 2017)

Russ Davis pic for WTBC Radio Tuscaloosa 165x300 MOJA RADIOs FREE Mobile Apps are HAPPENIN!!! * & UPDATED (17 June 2017)

This is me back in the day from my first radio gig. I was a happy lad back then and when you are enjoying MOJA Radio then imagine me this happy!

My fellow MOJANS…The great DAVID BLACK, who developed our MOJA Mobile App, has just done an update as of June 2017 and wrote me the following…

“I spent this afternoon working with Appy Pie support to update our app. I was disturbed that when I played the app in my car and a phone call would come in, the app would not keep playing after the phone call was done. I wanted the app to immediately play after the phone call was over. All of my other apps that play music such as iTunes or Spotify return to play after any interruption.

Good news is that now, MOJA Radio returns to play after any interruption and it is twice as fast in responding with user look through the app for all of the other goodies inside the app. All users will get an update notice in their devices.

A great new addition is that when signing into the app, the users sees a text that 7 characters are required for passwords when creating a new account.

All in all, I am very pleased with the app. I want to change the text size later after the update is completed by Appy Pie support for all of the devices that use our MOJA Radio app.

I am hoping that you might add this new update information for users when talking about the MOJA Radio app that is near and dear to my ears and heart!”

David Black/Maldenite Productions LLC

You are now invited to download and use of the FREE MOJA MOBILE APPS by clicking on MOJA on Mobile Devices in the drop down menu below LISTEN TO MOJA. You’ll be taken to the page where you can download the app that is appropriate for your setup. All the details on how to do that are listed on the page. REMEMBER: You’ll need to set up a new account with the app provider but it’s free and should be easy. Take care to pay close attention to each step in the process as it can be slightly confusing. Sorry about that…it’s out of our control.

For future reference…Should an extended dropout of MOJA service occur at any time I invite you to listen to my two-hour Voice of America show JAZZ AMERICA available by clicking on the VOA icon on the right column of the MOJA homepage. On the left column you can listen to the latest edition of THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS with CAROLYN BEDNARSKI by clicking on that icon bearing Carolyn’s picture on the left column of the MOJA homepage. There’s also the Free 2-hour MOJA Radio sample accessible by clicking on that icon on the upper right side of the right column.

I hope you’ll now enjoy all the joys of MOJA Radio.

Russ Davis/MOJA Radio

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