Listening Solutions For MOJA Radio!

Listening Solutions for MOJA RADIO!

Russ Davis here and I’m writing to follow up with you, a member of MOJA Nation, to give you all the info I have concerning the many ways to access the features related to listening to MOJA Radio…the main reason you joined in the first place. Please keep this document handy so you can refer to it in the future should need to remind yourself of how to listen to MOJA Radio.

Now, as we all know, nothing (and I mean NOTHING) seems to be easy in cyber-world and the simplest ideas related to online radio never end up being that easy to implement and the reasons are many. There is the incompatibility issue between PC and MAC and the many programs related to each system. Then your personal set up has much to do with whether or not you can access the full spectrum of features related to MOJA Radio listening. One little thing in the chain can totally shut you down and we’ve all experienced that. In this document I’ll try to point out the exact order of things in simple terms. Some of you hot shots have already gone beyond the basics and found ways to listen that even my technical advisers never thought of, so this should all work, does work, and if you still have problems you can always write me at and you know I’ll do what I can to make it happen for you. I feel like we’re all here for the same reason…we love the music and most of all I want you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Now, let’s get to it…read on and you’ll all the latest, up-to-date info on how to hear THE WORLD’S MODERN JAZZ RADIO CHANNEL!

Firstly, as of Tuesday, 19 July 2011, we installed a New MOJA Radio Player. If you’re a subscriber you’ll get that player by logging in and clicking on LISTEN TO MOJA. The new player with the artist, song and, when available, album art displayed should pop up and run automatically on both PC’s for MAC’s as this is a Flash Player. As things have developed among all the entities controlling things in cyber-world, Flash is now compatible with most everything. Though this may change soon MAC users still need to download Silverlight and/or use Firefox as your browser. The player opens in Safari just fine and there’s no buffer time or waiting for the artist/song/album art to display with the second song with this new player either. MOJA sounds, and looks, better than ever now! Plus it has some cool SONG INFO, ARTIST WEBSITE and BUY options you should check out too. You can click on those options and still listen. Life if just getting better and better!

The second option for listening is a POP-OUT PLAYER that you can access with the drop down tab below the LISTEN TO MOJA button. With this player you can listen while you visit other pages within the MOJA Radio site or while you surf the web in general. All you have to do is choose “Pop-Out Player” and you’re in business. The original player shuts off when you go to any other page within the MOJA Radio site or to another website.

As I’ve mentioned you will now have no problem hearing MOJA Radio through a MAC using Safari as your browser. You may still need to download Silverlight to listen on a MAC but that is free and easy to download. You’ll be prompted on how to do that the first time you click to listen on your MAC. But one thing stays the same and that is if you go through Safari and click on MOJA on Mobile Devices under Listen To MOJA our Shoutcast page emerges. You click on Listen at the top of the page and the stream begins to play in your iTunes library after it downloads an Internet Audio Playlist named listen.pls. You’ll get the artist and song info on the top of the iTunes player though not the full-effect player. Hey, if listening through your iTunes still works best for you then so be it. As they say…”by any means necessary!” The link to MOJA Radio listening is then permanently listed in your iTunes library and any time you want to listen you can just click on that even without going to the website. It’s a pop-out player that will play on while you work on the web. It’s an odd, surprise advantage we just discovered with the new stream we established that was originally only for Mobile listening. Go figure…

I’m thrilled to tell you that after the long, hard efforts of DAVID BLACK…one of your fellow MOJANS who VOLUNTEERED to create multiple MOBILE APPS for MOJA Radio we now have MOJA-Only MOBILE APPS available for you to download as soon as you like!


I want to remind you that David did this work out of the goodness of his heart because he wanted to further the cause of the MOJA Movement and exhibit his love of the music and support for the musicians who make this great music we all love so much. I just can’t thank him enough


He put his own efforts and all the resources of his company, MAIDENITE PRODUCTIONS ( into creating apps for MOJA Radio and I am thrilled to tell you that these apps are now available for you to download and use…all for free as part of your MOJA subscription. The way to do this is very simple…the next time you log on with your username & password using your mobile device and click on LISTEN TO MOJA you’ll of course see the third item in the Drop Down Menu…MOJA ON MOBILE DEVICES.

Then, you’ll see the icons for each of the 5 apps that David developed for us.  Here they are in the order you’ll see them when you log on. The Apple Store for iPhones and IPads, Google Play for a number of devices, Amazon for Droids and other devices (and in the case of AMAZON you may need to download their Amazon Store App before you can get the free MOJA Radio app but that’s free too), and then there’s the self explanatory Windows Phone and Blackberry App World sites for those devices.

David has set it up so that the links take you right to the place where the downloading happens. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible, but should you have any problems we’ll do our best to troubleshoot the process. Just reply to this email and if I can’t help I’ll forward it to David Black for expert consultation.

How about SQUEEZEBOX & SONOS you ask? Well…

As I mentioned before, I have received some messages from a few super-tech-smart residents of MOJA Nation who have discovered clever ways to listen. Here’s one…from MOJAN Bob Gorz…” Thought you’d also like to know that I’ve been successful in playing the new mobile stream through the Logitech Squeezebox connected to my home stereo system. The Logitech Squeezebox is a wireless device on my home network that can be used to “tune in” a variety of Internet streaming content. I’m very happy that I now can listen to MoJa Radio with the full sound of my home stereo!”

Here are the instructions Bob forwarded to fellow MOJAN Bill Magruder to get him set up with his Squeezebox…”I’ve been successful in configuring the MOJA Radio mobile stream to play through my Logitech Squeezebox on my home network. The Squeezebox is attached to my home stereo rig so that now I can enjoy MOJA Radio with the full fidelity of that system! My Squeezebox is the classic 2/3 model. I currently use the 7.5.1 version of Squeezebox server software. My “server” is a Windows 7, Dell XPS430 computer using Internet Explorer 8 for Squeezebox configuration purposes. So here goes…

On the MOJA home page, click on the link under “Listen To MOJA” that says “MOJA on Mobile Devices”.
On the page that displays, click on the link that says “Click here to play MOJA on your Mobile device!”
You should have a SHOUTcast D.N.A.S. Status page appear. Near the top of that page there is a link that says “Listen”.
If you right click on that link, find “Properties” and then click on Properties. A box should appear that provides the web link to the mobile MOJA stream. It should look something like:

This is the URL that you will want to enter into your Logitech Squeezebox configuration in either of these ways:
If you use the facility, the URL can be entered as a Favorite. Then you can tune into MOJA Radio using the Logitech menus on the device directly with the remote.
If you use Squeezebox server software on your computer, first make sure the Squeezebox device is powered up and connected to your Squeezebox server. Then, from the Home menu, under Internet Radio, click “Tune in URL” and add the URL as above and click the “Tune In” button to connect. Press Add to save the link in Squeezebox server Music Player.
And that’s all there is to it. Bill, let me know if you have questions – I’m happy to help out. Enjoy MOJA on your Squeezebox!”
And after following those instructions, your fellow MOJAN James Sawyer wrote…”Hey Russ, thanks for the help with configuring the squeezebox! I am now listening to MOJA Radio wirelessly through the stereo in my shop! Awesome!”

Another potential resident and former Beyond Jazz listener who is considering applying for MOJA Nation citizenship, Matt Kozink, wrote the following…”If I subscribe can I access MOJA so I can stream it to my SONOS zone players?” I consulted with my tech advisers and they answered with the following…” I believe SONOS zone players provide wireless speakers for home entertainment systems. If this is what he’s talking about – then he just needs a feed from his computer to his stereo system. It should work just fine.” So, as you can see, the MOJA on Mobile Devices that you can access through the drop down tab below the LISTEN TO MOJA button can be very valuable.

Here is another report on how things are working for another MOJAN, Mark McIlheran who wrote the following…” After extensive scientific testing (well, sort of) it is my professional opinion that the new MOJA player is about a jillion times more stable and reliable. Over the last few days I have tried all of the options available for listening to MOJA and they all work better than before. Yesterday’s email with the tip on using iTunes is the icing on the cake. I usually have iTunes open, so it’s a big plus for me to listen to MOJA without having a dedicated browser window open.
1. Listening via the website using Firefox
2. Listening via the website using Google Chrome
3. Listening via iTunes
4. Listening on my iPhone via Pocket Tunes
Nothing has crashed, and in particular Pocket Tunes seems to be able to stream much more reliably. Before, it was very dodgy using Pocket Tunes.”

We’ll all discover more ways to make use of it and pass it along to everyone. If you yourself find a clever solution to something send it to me directly and I’ll post it for all to see. Hey, we’re a community here you know!

Well there you have it…a quick primer on Listening to MOJA Radio. Thanks for being part of the MOJA Nation and enjoy The World’s Modern Jazz Radio Channel…serving up Jazz In The Present Tense!

Russ Davis

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  1. Russ Davis says:

    Thanks for the updated info and the kind words Bob. We’re doing all we can to keep the movement going. It’s active MOJANS like you who are trying all angles to find ways to take MOJA Radio on the road with you and I know your comments here will help others find the best ways to listen! Russ

  2. Russ Davis says:

    Bob…I’m adding your comment to the LISTENING SOLUTIONS FOR MOJA RADIO post for all to see and learn from. Thanks! Mobile listening is essential for the growth of MOJA Radio!

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