Onward from MOJA Radio…THANK YOU! Listen to VOA-Jazz America!

Russ Headshot 2 245x300 Onward from MOJA Radio…THANK YOU! Listen to VOA Jazz America!

Thank YOU so very much for all your support!

All good things must come to an end, as they say (whoever THEY are?) and after 10 great years the streaming service of MOJA Radio came to a close at midnight Eastern time on New Year’s Eve.  I’ll continue to produce the 2-hour weekly show JAZZ AMERICA for the U.S. Government service Voice of America (and post it on the MOJA Radio website for your free listening on demand each week) I may have some new ventures that will carry on the MOJA MOVEMENT, so stay tuned for more on that. And once again, thank you so much for your support over this past decade!

Listen to my weekly program JAZZ AMERICA on Voice of America, the U.S. Government service at this link… http://russdavismoja.com/voice-america-2/


Yeah, we had us some fun in Montreal this year...come join us this week and you'll be there too!

My dear fellow MOJANs,


Russ Davis of MOJA Radio thanks you for being there as part of the MOJA Movement!

This was a tough one but I had to tell you sometime. After 10 years of operation I had to shut down MOJA Radio at the end of the year 2018.  The channel ceased streaming at midnight December 31st Eastern Time. If you were a subscriber at that time your monthly subscription payments ceased and for any of you who have annual subscriptions I will refund the appropriate portion of your payment according to when you paid and to your satisfaction. 

There are a number of reasons for this decision and they have all piled up to the point of diminishing returns, no matter how much it has meant to me for the last 10 years and how much I love doing the work. Here are some of the reasons… 

The costs have risen and the income is flat, plain and simple. The funds simply aren’t there to do anything more that just keep it going in its current state. 

I am a jazz programmer and presenter and have never been a salesman, a tech genius, business geek or marketer so I have not been able to put together ways to build the business beyond the subscription model. 

For years now I have been a one-man-operation and with all of the work added to the “fun part” (interviewing artists, editing them and preparing for air, listening to music and choosing what to add, creating each day’s programming and making sure it was in the server, etc) I have had to do a mountain of “grunge work” like responding to with the constant communication from record/artist promoters, reports to the licensing corporations (BMI, ASCAP, SEASAC & SoundExhange), paying the bills, doing the taxes, dealing with subscriber issues, dealing with everyday tech problems with the internet service, computer problems, glitches with the streaming service, taking out the garbage…you name it. It has taken hours each day to make this work and I am never “off” to the point where I am always checking in on things even when I’m supposedly “on vacation”, and going away on trips for the shortest amount of time, much less long vacations, is almost impossible. 

On top of this I am still creating my 2-hour weekly show for Voice of America and besides the prep work (interviews, editing and programming) I have to deal with the army of folks in Washington, DC, do all the tech stuff and get it to them and that is a ton of work too. 

I could go on and this is getting boring for me and I know for you but I felt that we have developed quite a relationship over these ten years of MOJA Radio, and, for many of you, before that with the years we put into the XM channel Beyond Jazz, and you deserved more than just an abrupt farewell. 


THANK YOU MICHELLE SAMMARTINO! Without you there would be no MOJA Radio!

In the beginning my partner, Michelle Sammartino, put the operation in motion. She was not only the excellent presenter of her show Jammin’ Jazz, but the tech expert who put the website together and set up various business and social media accounts. That was in 2008 when XM was taken over by sirius. Since there were no visionary leaders like Lee Abrams and Dave Logan, who commissioned us to create “The World’s MOdern JAzz Radio Channel” that we called Beyond Jazz, the sirius guys didn’t see the need for a jazz channel that filled the massive void between smooth jazz and traditional…the place where all the truly modern and creative jazz was being made and the future of jazz was being developed. We tried to make that happen and with your interest and monetary support we’ve done just that for this last decade. 

In addition to the great MICHELLE SAMMARTINO, without whom there would have been no MOJA Radio, I must also give a huge thanks to one of the most talented, generous and kind people I’ve ever worked with, DAVID BLACK, the brilliant man who put the resources of his company MALDENITE PRODUCTIONS behind the creation of the FREE!!! MOJA Radio mobile app that so many of us have used to take the channel on the road. Blessings on you David! And then there’s my old friend and radio associate CAROLYN BEDNARSKI, who created, produced and presented her show THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS with CAROLYN BEDNARSKI since 2012. 


David Black of Maldenite Productions who created the free MOJA Radio Mobile Apps! Thanks David!

Then there is a massive THANK YOU to the musicians of MOJA whose creativity has kept “Jazz” alive, thriving and evolving. Plus…you would not believe how many artists actually donated and/or subscribed to the service, not only offering their incredible music but their hard-earned money to support MOJA Radio! I feel the deepest sadness about letting you down with the cessation of our operation but I will always be in your corner and am never going to cease supporting you in every way I can.

SO…where do we go from here? I am going to keep the website which is actually RUSSDAVISMOJA.com where I will adjust things to fit future endeavors. I’m thinking of posting some hour-long shows of MOJA programs for listening on demand and I will post my VOA show there as I always do so bookmark this site and visit from time to time to see what’s up.  

carolyn bednarski 2013 compressed 221x300 THANK YOU FOR 10 WONDERFUL YEARS OF MOJA RADIO!


Again…I’m sorry for the short notice as I just made the final decision on this a few weeks ago. I will never be able to thank you enough for all you’ve done for MOJA Radio and most especially for me!

All the best, always,

Russ Davis

MOJA Radio


Russ Davis…”My Life in Jazz Radio!”

Russ Davis reflects on his 4 decades in Jazz Radio!

Psycedelic Russ Compressed 300x224 Russ Davis...My Life in Jazz Radio!

Russ inside the MOJA Radio studios…I THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

I was just thinking about the fact that I began my jazz radio career back in the year 1978! With all the changes in technology and the business in general it strikes me that to simply be actively involved in programming and presenting this area of jazz and still be thriving is pretty astounding. I sometimes feel like a jazz musician who has chosen to express himself in a personal way and just let the chips fall where they may as opposed to crafting something that might get me more work in the jazz arena as it exists today. It isn’t that brave an endeavor really. I’m simply doing what I know how to do and building on something that began for me way back in the 20th century.  I hope you’ll indulge me as I tell this story. 

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The TOP 20 of 2018 from MOJA Radio!

Chick Corea wins TWO MORE GRAMMY'S in 2015!!

Take a look at this list and if you know the music you’ll see that we think of MOdern JAzz as a groovin’ good time! Plus a number of new artists emerged to help define MOJA while the established artists are represented here as well of course. And there is a decidedly international quality to this list, reflecting the fact that MOJA is truly a world-wide art form in the 21st century. What a 2018 it was and once again, I can’t thank you enough for all of the support of the MOJA Movement & Musicians and love of the music in the past 10 years of the run of the service. Here’s our MOJA Top 20 for the year! CHECK IT OUT…

MOJA logo CPCompressed 300x199 The TOP 20 of 2018 from MOJA Radio!

    THE TOP 20 OF 2018!

 ARTIST…Title (Label)
  1. Chick Corea & Steve Gadd Band…Chinese Butterfly (Stretch Records)
  2. Al Di Meola…Opus (EAR Music)
  3. The Manhattan Transfer…The Junction (BMG Records)
  4. Grace Kelly…Go Time Brooklyn (PAZZ Productions)
  5. Marcus Miller…Laid Black (Blue Note Records)
  6. The Stanley Clarke Band…The Message (Mack Avenue Records)
  7. Particle…Accelerator (self-produced)
  8. Kamasi Washington…The Choice/Heaven & Earth (Young Turk Records)
  9. John Scofield…Combo 66 (Verve Records)
  10. Robert Walter’s 20th Congress…Spacesuit (Royal Potato Records)
  11. Stefon Harris & Blackout…Sonic Creed (Motema Records)
  12. Yellowjackets…Raising Our Voice  (Mack Avenue Records)
  13. Jan Hammer…Seasons Pt. 1 (iRED GATE Records)
  14. Randy Brecker & Matt Holmquist…Together (MAMA Records)
  15. Raphael Wressnig…Chicken Burrito (Pepper Cake)
  16. Christian Sands…Facing Dragons/Reach Further EP (Mack Avenue Records)
  17. Monika Herzig…SHEROES (Whaling CityRecords)
  18. Basia…Butterflies (Shanachie Records)
  19. Forgas Band Phenomena…The Electric Ear (Cuneiform Records)
  20. Miles Davis…Rubberband (Warner Bros/Rhino Records)

*that’s MOJA Radio…The World’s Modern Jazz Radio Channel!


meaning Modern Jazz…Beyond Jazzstyle12)Russ Davis Program Director/

MOJA’s 2018 Grammy Award WINNERS!

2018 Grammy Awards logo 300x174 MOJAs 2018 Grammy Award WINNERS!

Grammy Award MOJAs 2018 Grammy Award WINNERS!

The 60th Grammy Award winners have just been announced and we’re celebrating this week on MOJA Radio!

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (N.A.R.A.S., AKA The Grammy People) just announced the WINNERS for GRAMMY AWARDS for 2018! Here is a list of  MOJA Artists who received nominations this year for the 60th Grammy Awards in various jazz categories as well as others, many of whom are from the more traditional jazz world. We congratulate all the MOJA nominees in every category and they prove that jazz in its modern form (We call it MOJA!) is alive and well and crossing over into almost every area of music from world music to classical to R& B to pop…As you read the list you’ll see the MOJA artists who BROUGHT HOME THE GOLD at the ceremonies in New York on January 28th! Those winners are marked with an X and are BOLD!

MOJA logo CPCompressed 300x199 MOJAs 2018 Grammy Award WINNERS!



Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
What If – The Jerry Douglas Band
Spirit – Alex Han
Mount Royal – Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge
X – Prototype – Jeff Lorber Fusion
Bad Hombre – Antonio Sanchez


Best Improvised Jazz Solo
“Can’t Remember Why” — Sara Caswell, soloist
“Dance Of Shiva” — Billy Childs, soloist
“Whisper Not” — Fred Hersch, soloist
X – “Miles Beyond” — John McLaughlin, soloist
“Ilimba” — Chris Potter, soloist

Best Jazz Vocal Album
The Journey — The Baylor Project
A Social Call — Jazzmeia Horn
Bad Ass And Blind — Raul Midón
Porter Plays Porter — Randy Porter Trio With Nancy King
X – Dreams And Daggers — Cécile McLorin Salvant

Best Jazz Instrumental Album
Uptown, Downtown — Bill Charlap Trio
X – Rebirth — Billy Childs
Project Freedom –Joey DeFrancesco & The People
Open Book — Fred Hersch
The Dreamer Is The Dream — Chris Potter

Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album
MONK’estra Vol. 2 — John Beasley
Jigsaw — Alan Ferber Big Band
X – Bringin’ It — Christian McBride Big Band
Homecoming — Vince Mendoza & WDR Big Band Cologne
Whispers On The Wind — Chuck Owen And The Jazz Surge

Best Latin Jazz Album
Hybrido – From Rio To Wayne Shorter — Antonio Adolfo
Oddara — Jane Bunnett & Maqueque
Outra Coisa – The Music Of Moacir Santos — Anat Cohen & Marcello Gonçalves
Típico — Miguel Zenón
X – Jazz Tango — Pablo Ziegler Trio


Best Instrumental Composition
“Alkaline” — Pascal Le Boeuf, composer (Le Boeuf Brothers & JACK Quartet)
“Choros #3” — Vince Mendoza, composer (Vince Mendoza & WDR Big Band Cologne)
“Home Free (For Peter Joe)” — Nate Smith, composer (Nate Smith)
X – “Three Revolutions” — Arturo O’Farrill, composer (Arturo O’Farrill & Chucho Valdés)
“Warped Cowboy” — Chuck Owen, composer (Chuck Owen And The Jazz Surge)