Spring’s Here! …NOLA JAZZFEST ON THE WAY! …This Week on MOJA Radio!

Michael Brecker with his Tenor Spring’s Here! …NOLA JAZZFEST ON THE WAY! …This Week on MOJA Radio!

It’s all about Michael Brecker and his tenor sax all next week beginning with MONDAY MASTERS on MOJA Radio!

This is the first full week of Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere and when that happens we start repeating this mantra…”The Last Weekend in April Through The First Weekend in May.” That’s when the world famous New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival happens in The Crescent City and this year’s lineup is filled with some of MOJA’s greats who’ll be taking the stages at The Fairgrounds and at clubs all over town to play during Jazzfest. We’re celebrating this fact and looking forward to the beginning of festival season, and warmer weather, all week long on “The World’s MOdern JAzz Radio Channel! So read on and we’ll give you a quick rundown on how we’ll do just that. Then go to the website at www.mojaradio.com for all the details.

Monday (March 20th)…We began the week with a birthday celebration for the great, young vibes master STEFON HARRIS, who turns 44 on Thursday, April 23rd, on MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS. (Airs every Monday at Noon & 9 PM Eastern/9 AM & 6 PM Pacific) & next Monday we’ll focus on another late, great MOJA master and kick off a week-long celebration of his life and work. It’s saxophone giant, MICHAEL BRECKER, who would have been 68 on March 29th!

Tuesday…On Tuesday you hear our patented features THE ATTACK OF THE JAZZY JAMBANDS and THIS IS ACID JAZZ, with an hour of the music plus comments from the man who created the genre, English Pirate Radio DJ Gilles Peterson. (Airs every Tuesday and Sunday at 9 AM & 9 PM Eastern/6 AM & 6 PM Pacific) + THE ATTACK OF THE JAZZY JAMBANDS at Noon ET/9 AM Pacific! + Listen for the artists who’ll play this year’s NOLA Jazz Fest on each edition of THE ATTACK!

Wednesday…We’ll get you in the mood for the 2017 NOLA Jazz Fest this Wednesday and Sunday as we present GALACTIC LIVE @ JAZZFEST 2006, as Stanton Moore and the boys took the stage for the first Jazz Fest after Hurricane Katrina, on LIVE @ MOJALand! (Airs every Wednesday at 9 AM & 9 PM Eastern/6 AM & 6 PM Pacific…and Sunday at 11 AM & 11 PM Eastern/8 AM & 8 PM Pacific) + more JAZZY JAMBANDS at Noon ET/9 AM Pacific! + Listen for the artists who’ll play this year’s NOLA Jazz Fest on each edition of THE ATTACK!

Thursday…On this week’s edition of THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE we’ll present 8 new MOJA releases including the new work of MOJA superstars like BILLY CHILDS, JEFF “TAIN” WATTS & more. (Airs every Thursday at 9 AM & 9 PM Eastern/6 AM & 6 PM Pacific…and Sunday at 10 AM & 10 PM Eastern/7 AM & 7 PM Pacific) + more JAZZY JAMBANDS at Noon ET/9 AM Pacific! + Listen for the artists who’ll play this year’s NOLA Jazz Fest on each edition of THE ATTACK!

Friday…We’ll place our focus away from the more hard-edged, guitar-rock sound of Fusion on the next edition of our weekly special IF IT’S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION with one we call THE FUNKY SIDE OF FUSION! Listen for Southern Funk, Hammond Organ-dominated Soul Jazz and more. (Beginning every hour from 7 AM-Midnight Eastern/4 AM-9 PM Pacific)

neworleans jazzfest 2017 300x74 Spring’s Here! …NOLA JAZZFEST ON THE WAY! …This Week on MOJA Radio!

Saturday…All day Saturday join us for the next edition of WORDS & MUSIC we simply call 2017 NEW ORLEANS JAZZ FEST PREVIEW, as we present conversation Russ Davis enjoyed over the years with 8 of the MOJA greats from New Orleans and all over the world who will be coming to NOLA for this year’s festivities, followed by their music. (Beginning every hour from Noon-Midnight Eastern/9 AM-9 PM Pacific)

Sunday…The Sunday Specials (Airing 9 AM-1 PM Eastern & replayed 9 PM-1 AM ET/6-10 AM & PM Pacific)

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MOJA Greats who have left us in 2017 (Dave Valentin, Larry Coryell & Al Jarreau)

Dave Valentin live 300x199 MOJA Greats who have left us in 2017 (Dave Valentin, Larry Coryell & Al Jarreau)

Dave Valentin (29 April 1952-8 March 2017)

It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the passing of DAVE VALENTIN, the Grammy winning flutist from New York who was a great solo artist and member of Caribbean Jazz Project with Steve Khan and Dave Samuels. He passed away at the age of 64 in same borough of NYC in which he was born, The Bronx after a long fight against Parkinson’s Disease. Dave played flute in the band that backed up Latin Jazz legend Tito Puente and became a legend himself. He released his first solo album in 1979 and collaborated with a number of other greats over the years including his aforementioned membership in CJP. He will be remembered for his wonderful, creative playing and a lively, indomitable spirit. Thank you Dave, may you rest in peace.

Larry Coryell at World Trade Center 1994 300x270 MOJA Greats who have left us in 2017 (Dave Valentin, Larry Coryell & Al Jarreau)

R.I. P. Larry Coryell !

Of course earlier this year we lost AL JARREAU and guitar legend LARRY CORYELL. Steve Khan collaborated with Larry on his very first release. Click on this link to read STEVE KHAN’S tribute to LARRY CORYELL…



In the springtime of 2009 MOJA RADIO was born to fill the void between smooth and traditional jazz online! A host of loyal listeners who’d been listening to the XM Satellite Radio channel Beyond Jazz since 2001, and even a number of MOJA’s most famous musicians, were willing to reach into their pockets to fund the efforts of myself, Russ Davis, and my partner in groove, Michelle Sammartino, who were dedicated to keeping the flame of MOJA alive! A true MOJA Nation has arisen and 7 years after the plug was unceremoniously pulled with the takeover of XM by sirius we’re still here, alive and thriving, thanks to you! 


Michelle Sammartino & Russ Davis during the Beyond Jazz days. Without Michelle there’d be no MOJA Radio! Love you Michelle!


David Black of Maldenite Productions who created the free MOJA Radio Mobile Apps! Thanks David!

I must take the time again to thank lovely MICHELLE SAMMARTINO for all the creative work she did to put the website and so much of the technical side of MOJA Radio together, not to mention her hugely popular show JAMMIN’ JAZZ: JAZZ FOR THE NEW GENERATION that has thrilled Jazzy Jamband fans for years. Without Michelle there would be no MOJA Radio! Then there’s another member of the MOJA HALL OF FAME…the brilliant and beautiful CAROLYN BEDNARSKI who agreed to join us to present the sensational show THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS with CAROLYN BEDNARSKI. Her professionalism has been a great addition to the lineup of special programs on the channel. Lastly, the most generous MOJAN of them all, DAVID BLACK, offered his personal services and the assets of his own company MALDENITE PRODUCTIONS at no charge to create the new, free MOBILE APPS that so many of you now hear the channel on your personal devices wherever you go! He did it simply because he loved the music and believed in our movement to define what MOdern JAzz is for this time in history. Thanks David for helping us grow and take a huge step forward into the 21st Century!

carolyn bednarski 2013 compressed 221x300 THE 7th ANNIVERSARY OF MOJA RADIO!

THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS with CAROLYN BEDNARSKI is up for listening online right now!

 Having said all that…now let me invite you to listen to this week’s editions of our special features MONDAY with THE MASTERS, LIVE @ MOJALand, THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE, THIS IS ACID JAZZ, THE ATTACK OF THE JAZZY JAMBANDS, FUSION FRIDAY & Saturday’s WORDS & MUSIC, and you’ll get a good idea of the variety presented on MOJA Radio! Of course there’s always much more coming your way this week. Plus, there’s a FREE side to MOJA Radio too and everyone’s invited to enjoy any of those free features found on the MOJA Radio homepage.

 Listen to my weekly program JAZZ AMERICA on Voice of America, the U.S. Government service at this link… http://russdavismoja.com/voice-america-2/

 Hear the latest edition of THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS with CAROLYN BEDNARSKI at this link… http://russdavismoja.com/live-jazz-singers-carolyn-bednarski/

 Just look for the links to see interviews and live performance video on our MOJA Vision YouTube channel (Our most recent videos include RTF IV, Jean-Luc Ponty and Bill Frisell in concert and in conversation with Russ Davis!), read all about MOJA on our MOJA Radio Blog Site. Plus you can hear a 90-minute sample of MOJA Radio and all on demand by clicking on the correct link on the upper right corner of the homepage. Come & Get It & Spread the Word!

MOJA RADIO’s FREE Mobile Apps are HAPPENIN’!!!

Russ Davis pic for WTBC Radio Tuscaloosa 165x300 MOJA RADIOs FREE Mobile Apps are HAPPENIN!!!

This is me back in the day from my first radio gig. I was a happy lad back then and when you are enjoying MOJA Radio then imagine me this happy!

My fellow MOJANS…You are now invited to download and use of the FREE MOJA MOBILE APPS by clicking on MOJA on Mobile Devices in the drop down menu below LISTEN TO MOJA. You’ll be taken to the page where you can download the app that is appropriate for your setup. All the details on how to do that are listed on the page. REMEMBER: You’ll need to set up a new account with the app provider but it’s free and should be easy. Take care to pay close attention to each step in the process as it can be slightly confusing. Sorry about that…it’s out of our control.

For future reference…Should an extended dropout of MOJA service occur at any time I invite you to listen to my two-hour Voice of America show JAZZ AMERICA available by clicking on the VOA icon on the right column of the MOJA homepage. On the left column you can listen to the latest edition of THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS with CAROLYN BEDNARSKI by clicking on that icon bearing Carolyn’s picture on the left column of the MOJA homepage. There’s also the Free 2-hour MOJA Radio sample accessible by clicking on that icon on the upper right side of the right column.

I hope you’ll now enjoy all the joys of MOJA Radio.

Russ Davis/MOJA Radio

Russ Davis…”My life in Jazz Radio!”

Russ Davis reflects on his 3+ decades in Jazz Radio!

Psycedelic Russ Compressed 300x224 Russ Davis...My life in Jazz Radio!

Russ inside the MOJA Radio studios…I THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

I was just thinking about the fact that I began my jazz radio career back in the year 1978! With all the changes in technology and the business in general it strikes me that to simply be actively involved in programming and presenting this area of jazz and still be thriving is pretty astounding. I sometimes feel like a jazz musician who has chosen to express himself in a personal way and just let the chips fall where they may as opposed to crafting something that might get me more work in the jazz arena as it exists today. It isn’t that brave an endeavor really. I’m simply doing what I know how to do and building on something that began for me way back in the 20th century.  I hope you’ll indulge me as I tell this story. 

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